Her Piggypaint

Who else goes to target for ONE THING and comes out with half the store?! Because, trust me.. been there, done that.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That’s why sometimes I use their “pick up” option from ordering online so I don’t have to go in and see everything. Every thing they have in there I am convincing myself I need!! lol. Shopping addictions are fun though, you find things you never thought you would find. That is how I got stuck on this nail polish. This is a picture of my daughter, Isabella. She loves having her nails painted and when she was little I was really nervous because babies are ALWAYS putting their hands in their mouths. Until I found Piggy Paint!! Piggy Paint is THE best. It is NON-Toxic, vegan, odorless, free of harsh chemicals, and so much more! They do have lots of colors to choose from too, which is always a big plus.. sometimes. Even for my 3 year old daughter her picking a nail color is so hard!!! But if you have been nervous for the same reason I was with all those chemicals, this nail polish is perfect and safe for you!




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